Legal Online Poker For Vermont Residents

Vermont is not a very poker-friendly state. As a matter of fact, there aren't many locations you can play other casino games either, other than a few events organized by charitable organizations. The good news is that playing poker online is legal in Vermont. Let us see what you can and can't do as a Vermont resident.

Is Poker Legal In Vermont?


As outlined in the beginning, it is perfectly legal to play poker online if you are a Vermont resident. The state laws don't even mention online gambling and the federal government hasn't banned it either. There are some rules and regulations that restrict certain financial transactions, but they don't apply to you, as a poker player, but to casino owners and banks.

Legal Online Poker Sites For Vermont Residents

There are many legal poker rooms online that accept players from Vermont. In fact, there are so many out there, that it's sometimes hard to choose the right one for your needs. We have done the work for you and would like to present you with our top three recommendations.

BetOnline Poker - All Players 18+ From Vermont Accepted

If there is one thing that BetOnline wants poker players in Vermont to do it is too consider the choice of which online poker site to use very carefully. BetOnline was formed with a commitment to its customers and they have taken strides to ensure that all poker players in the U.S. find the perfect site for them. Often times, players find fraudulent or sub-par sites and it colors their perception of all online poker sites. BetOnline hopes that they can prevent this by offering up a better alternative.

If BetOnline seems overly eager or false in their dedication to you, then look into their welcome bonus. The welcome bonus that BetOnline offers is unheard of in modern online poker because it makes almost zero business sense. BetOnline gives back more money to their dedicated players than they deposited, 200% more to be exact. When you bet with BetOnline as long as you keep playing poker you can earn double what you first deposited just as a bonus. It seems like only an insane company or an unsuccessful one would make such a generous welcome bonus but BetOnline is the real deal and everyone should be grateful that companies of such integrity still exist.

SportsBetting Poker - 25% Sign Up Bonuses Available On Every Deposit

For players in Vermont, SportsBetting is where they go when they want to make big profits. Known as one of the most profitable sites in the U.S., SportsBetting took the poker scene by storm about 10 years ago and the money tornado is still going strong, throwing out winnings left and right; devastating other sites that can’t keep up with the appeal of SportsBetting. If you are all about making a lot of money and doing it quick with some fast and intense poker games then go to SportsBetting now.

What you will find is that SportsBetting is home to not just one but 2 poker rooms. Though they are run by the same site the rooms are worlds apart. The stoic and serious poker players that travel around the world often use SportsBetting as a practice because their room is full of poker players of all skill levels where action can really go all out. This legal Vermont poker site hosts some of the biggest tourneys to go along with a plethora of cash games as well as sit n go's. Big deposit bonuses and endless fun awaits all who try their hand in SportsBetting's online poker room.

Vermont Poker Laws

While playing poker for money or other valuables is illegal, it isn't even a misdemeanor. The law is hilarious and hasn't been updated in ages – if you are caught playing cards, dice, pool or any other game for money you will be fined no more than $5.00.

There aren't any criminal charges associated with the fine. Authorities aren't likely to be breathing down your neck if you gather a few friends at your house for a round of poker, but it's still illegal. Remember that wagering money in a game is outlawed, not the game per se, so if you want to play legally there should be no real-money bets.

Is it Legal to play Land Based Poker in Vermont?

The Green Mountain state is not the friendliest to those seeking to play poker or other forms of gambling within the state. Vermont is one of the few states that bothers to make a mountain out of a mole hill and charges people just for participating in a poker game.

However, if a Vermont residents wishes to play a private game of poker in their own home among friends, they likely will not be charged or pursued as long as they make sure not to collect profit from commissions or fees associated with the game. Once money is charged merely for the privilege of playing, the house becomes an illegal poker room, even if it is just a buddy’s garage. It is best to stay on the right side of the law as an owner of such an illegal premise will be charged $10,000 dollars and could face up to a year in jail. Repeat offenders incur the same fine again and up to three years in jail this time. Players at these houses face a $200 dollar fine and the possibility of spending up to 60 days in prison.

Anyone can see that Vermont is not the friendliest state for poker players. No big tournaments, no rooms full of people looking to risk big money in high stakes games, nothing. If you want to play poker in the Green Mountain state for profit you might as well take a hike.

Legal Land Based Poker Rooms in Vermont

Poker players are really out of luck in Vermont. There just isn’t anywhere for them to play poker besides their own homes. In addition, if any form of rake or commission is taken, everyone in the building is gambling illegally and is subject to fines and even jail time. This makes Vermont one of the strictest states when it comes to gambling laws.

Adding on to the woes of poker players is the utter lack of any kind of casino for them to play in. The state is entirely bereft of buildings designed specifically for gambling or poker. While games at home can still be played the stakes are never going to be as high as they would be at a casino making it an unappealing prospect for many poker players.

The strict no tolerance style laws Vermont employs makes it one of the worst places in the U.S. for poker players to reside and it is heavily recommended that anyone who really wants to play poker for profit find another state to reside in. It may be the Appalachian mountain range that runs through the state but poker players are going to have a rocky time in Vermont.

Note: This information shouldn't be a substitute for legal counseling. We are a group of enthusiastic poker players from Vermont who know quite a bit about the Internet gambling laws in our state. Should you have further doubts on the legality of poker in Vermont, or just need a second opinion, please consult with a lawyer.

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